7 DEBORAH Mono Eyeshadow Swatches

Deborah Milano is one of my favourite cosmetic brand.I really like trying there new products.My love for eye makeup started when i got a free eyeshadow trio from Deborah on purchase of products above rs.1000.

Slowly i started collecting(hoarding*) there eyshades and now i have most of there mono eyeshadows as wel as trios.

The quality of the shades is really nice…they all are baked eyeshadows that can be used dry for normal or sheer colour and wet for intense colour.

Price:rs.295 each.

About the product:Multi-reflecting eye shadow. Glides on evenly and adheres perfectly. Looks gorgeous all day long. Use wet & dry for a versatile application. With special curved applicator. Hypoallergenic *.

* Formulated to Minimise the risk of allergies .


shade no.32: a nice chocolate brown with shimmer.

shade no.1: forest green!!!!

shade no.28:baby pink with huge quantity of silver shimmer particles….a lot of fallout is there and the shade will suit to fair complexions only.

shade no.62.;my absolutely fav. of all.Its a duo which is not available easily as they dont have this range…i got it as a freebie.A matte black and champagne colour…very pigmented.

shade no.36:I had no plans to buy this shade but the SA was persuading me that it will suit me a lot and i am glad that i bought it.Its a nice military green colour with golden and a little bit of silver shimmer.GORGEOUS!!!!! Has no fallout.

shade no.1:They resemble a lot to MAC marbelised eyeshadows and i am actually in love with it.Again,not available in regular range,they had 2 of this kinds and can be taken only on offer(if u buy some products worth rs.1000.).The finish is superb and the colour pay off is good too.I like using this shade as an eyeliner too and it can be duped with Chambor dazzle eyeliner in purple that i have.The shade can be best described as black-ish purple base with purple shimmer particles.AWESOME COLOUR!!!!

My day was not goood that it fell down and broke into pieces but still…I will Manage….. :)))

shade no.5:The other shade of the 2 is this…a mix of brown,black with muted gold finish and shimmer.But the shimmer is not overloaded in this one and is more pigmented.

A cute but useless applicator is also provided with a sponge tip at one end.


I love all the shades .Some have a lot of fallout and some have least.There is one colour for everyone and the greens are very lovable.

TRIOS swatches coming up soon.



please comment how u found the review and which colour you would pick up …………………………………………….


One thought on “7 DEBORAH Mono Eyeshadow Swatches

  1. wow,i have never bought any singles in this brand,now i should propbably check these out,thanks for sharing. liked the shade no.5 since i don’t own this particular shade and i so want this 🙂

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