~all about Deborah”-3 trios,3 milano red lipsticks,mat comfort foundation..swatches and my thoughts!!!~

My love for Deborah Milano is growing day by day and isnt hidden from anybody.The SAs are so affectionate..the products are amazing that i am always on a look out for there new launches.

So..on my recent visit to my favourite counter..i saw that they had come up with new trios,2 quads and a mat effect foundation…Being a loyal costumer..i had to purchase new stuff(my moral responsibility na!!!!)

Lets first start with the foundation: COMFORT MAT FOUNDATION .

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The creamy yet flowing consistency of the new dual-acting Comfort Matt Foundation removes shine yet hydrates skin, ensuring absolute long lasting comfort. The product’s amazing performance is due to the combination of highly selected active ingredients making up the formulation RiceSilk (micronised ricemeal) absorbs shine in the T-Zone, while Hydra-Protect DH Complex replenishes deep tissue moisture, restoring elasticity and leaving skin beautifully smooth. Biosaccharide Gum-4 coats skin with a supple film that protects it against damaging environmental elements such as smog, and SPF 15 offers protection against the sun’s UV rays. Ideal for normal and combination skins, the new Comfort Matt Foundation is hypoallergenic**.

**Formulated to minimise the risk of allergy.

HOW TO USE: Always start from the centre of your face and work up and outwards with circular movements toward your hairline and down to your neck. Don’t stop at your jawline or you’ll end up with a tide-mark.

The site shows 7 shades: 0.00,1,2,3,4,5.But at the counter i saw only 3 shades…1,2,3.0,00 might be for very fair-skinned beauties.

PRICE:rs.595 for 30 ml.

SHELF LIFE:around 3yrs.

MY THOUGHTS: First of all,i really like the asymmetrical shapes that are designed by Deborah Milano…so futuristic!!!I like the structure of the bottle as its convenient to handle it.It has a pump dispensed that allows one to control the amount needed.The cap although loosens up again n again.

I got the shade: 01 Fair which matches my skin tone very well.(i am NC-37 in MAC).It has slight pink undertones.The shade no.2 was a little paler for me and 03 was darker.

TEXTURE: The foundation is very soft and smooth which might be because of presence of ricesilk  and blends very well.It is creamy but not oily.It has a nice refreshing frity fragrance which i like and it remains for 15-20 mins. so those with sensitive nose might not like it.

COVERAGE: It provides light to medium coverage.At first when i applied it,i was not at all impressed by the coverage because these days i am using full coverage foundations but after a while a while i saw a nice soft glow on my face that took my heart away…It is very light and doesn’t feel heavy at all.I had put two full coats and then also it was not at all patchy and felt light but at the same time i provided slight medium coverage.You need to use a good concealer to hide marks or acne.I personally dont break out so much(*touchwood*) but because of the hot weather…my skin is a little oily and i get  1 or 2 pimples but i dont feel the need to cover them up.




As per the mat effect claim…i think it provides a little dewy effect on skin but not to much…something between the both.Also..u dont get to see the shininess on face.Doesnt oxidise on my face.

STAYING POWER: It stayed for 5-6 hrs on my face after which i saw a little fading around the eye area.I had taken this foundation while travelling..the weather was hot but i didnt feel any heaviness or itchiness in using this beauty.


-very light.


-blends easily.

-good for the hot humid weather.


-provides a soft glow.

-worthy for 30ml quantity and 3 yr shelf life.

-has SPF15.

-buildable to medium coverage.

-didnt break me out.


-provides light coverage(some may like some may not.)

-need a heavy concealer as it doesnt hide much blemishes and acne.

-wears off after 5-6 hrs.

-only 3 shades available.

Overall,if you are looking for a light feel foundation which provides light-medium buildable coverage,dewy finish then i would highly recommend trying this foundation.It is very gentle and my skin feels so soft after i apply this.Also skin looks very healthy.


DESCRIPTION: True, vibrant colour. Frosted finishes of dazzling radiance. The silky smooth consistency goes on evenly and the three shades can be combined every which way to create a breathtaking array of effects. The product is formulated for easy blending, so colour can be applied either wet or dry to achieve the desired intensity and depth. Hypoallergenic.* Ophthalmologist tested.

*Formulated to minimise the risk of allergy.

how to use: Used dry the finish is sophisticated and luminous, while used wet the result is metallic and visually dramatic.

PRICE: rs.495

All the deborah eyeshadows that i have in my stack can be used dry and wet.

8 shades are available out of which i got 3 shades..i know they have provided names this times but the site only d=shows them in numbers and the trio themselves are numbered but on some international blogs i have seen there names.

The shape of the trios have changed and so is the quality too..the eyeshadows are very fine in texture and have minimal fallout…they look so pretty!!!

I got the shades 06,07,08.

06 has a turqoise blue,a deep blue and a very pretty silver with greenish-blue tone(its damn pretty).


07 has a dark green,a beautiful military shimmery green and a nice pinkish champagne highlighter shade.


08 has a dark purple with hint of blue,a cranberry shade and a fine golden shimmery shade.They had this tri earliar too except in that the purple was light and golden had a lot of fallout.This trio is much pigmented than the earliar one.


A double sided applicator is provided.

Thet shades are decently pigmented .All the swatches are without any base or primer.They stay for about 4-5 hrs on my somewhat oily lids and then wear off and crease.All are shimmery shades.

Coming to MILANO RED lipsticks…i was eyeing on them since the time i swatched them but somehow i wasnt able to purchase them.They ae really smooth and light weight.They leave a tint after fading that also looks very beautiful.I purchased shades 03,06(pink baby doll),08(fuchsia bolero)..Again..the site has provided the numbers only but i managed to get there names too…


The new MILANORED lipstick boasts a ground breaking formula that imparts intense colour, absolute comfort and hydration for up to 10 hours*. Contains colour- and shine- enhancing Ruby dust, MILANORED leaves lips with a gorgeously gleaming finish. The formula also includes a Hyaluronic Acid based “filler” that leaves lips softer and visibly “replumped”. As well, the formula contains a blend of natural waxes derived from Jojoba, Mimosa and Sunflower to nourish lips and ensure that the product glides on easily. SPF15 protects the lips from the sun’s harsh rays.With its delicate violet scent, MILANORED by Deborah Milano is hypoallergenic**.

*Instrumental testing conducted on 30 women.
**Formulated to minimise the risk of allergy.

PRICE: rs.650.

Shades available:16 on Deborah site…u can refer to my post on Milano red lipstick swatches to see the available shades.

These are very travel friendly as the case is very tight and avoids any harm to the lipcolour.

03 is a brownish shade with slight red undertones.I feel it has a hint of peach colour in it…the shade is on warmer side so will suit indian skin tone really well.It is very creamy and wears for about 3-4 hours leaving a slight tint behind.


06(pink baby doll) is  medium pink colour with soft glossy finish…has a little frosty finish too!!


08(fuchsia bolero) is an Intense and vibrant fuchsia, high coverage and semi matte finish, I find it also a perfect shade for this season.Very bright with blue undertones.


They have the same fragrance as in earlier lipsticks…

All the shades are pretty wearable,highly pigmented except for 06 that needs two swipe and can cover pigmented lips very well.They have SPF15.

I also purchased a mat nailpaint :sense tech 100% mat in 04..the shade is very summery..pastel aqua kinda shade..Deborah Milano nail paints are highly appreciated all around the world…nw i understand why…. 🙂

PRICE: rs.250.Stays intact for 2 days ,doesnt chip off.

sense tech mat 04

great buy……………………………….. what u think?..have you tried any of these~

pls share and comment.

Stay tuned..more of Deborah products lined up for review and swatches!!!!!




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