DEBORAH MILANO launches Milano Red Lipsticks

Deborah Milano is becoming quite a popular in the beauty world because of its quality products,attractive packaging as well as choices in shades.I personally like its products a lot….

The newly launched MILANO RED lipsticks are a steal.Priced at rs.650,they seem to be promising and the packaging is quite classy and comparable to high end brands!!!!

8 shades are there.The only drawback what i think is the absence of name as in earlier Deborah ranges also,only numbers are provided.

Product Information: New Lipstick-MILANO RED…..Colour To Wear,Absolute Comfort.

Enriched with:Ruby Powder,for intense colour and shine,Hyaluronic Acid,for up to 10 hours* of extreme hyderation.SPF15, HYPOALLERGENIC**.

The packaging


swatches of all the shades(l-r):8,11,3,6,10,7,1,14


shades(l-r): 3,6,10,7,1,14


The MILANO RED range has colours for everybody except for red lovers.I am quiet interested in shade number 8 as it is a very bright magenta pink just like MAC gulabi lipstick that was introduced last year(?)…Also shade no.3,7 were interesting…………

which one would you pick from the MILANO RED range…pls comment below….!!!!



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