AVON Ultra Color Rich Pink Crystal Lipstick review & swatches

AVON  introduced Ultra Color Rich Pink Crystal Lipsticks in January.That time,i purchased one shade ie. diamond rose but got so fascinated by “the pink crystals” that got another shade too!!

Description by AVON:First lipstick that contain real pink diamonds and lustrous  pearls for the ultimate luxury.


Available in 6 shades.

The rich creamy formula feels soft and smooth on lips,infused with vitamin-E,it leaves the lips fully nourished.

left: diamond rose; right:rare bling

MY TAKE: When i first swatched diamond rose,i really liked the colour,also the presence of pink crystals really adds dimension to the shade without looking OTT!! It feels smooth on lips,has a glossy finish,buildable and not at all sticky.The shimmer doesnt travel around the lips and is not at all gritty.

Rare bling-left:2-3 swipes, right: single swipe

RARE BLING: As per the shade name,its a rare combination of redddish brown with fine pink crystals. The pic above itself shows how the pink crystals are fully ‘dissolved’ in the shade rather than being separate which makes it totally beautiful.Personally,i dont wear such dark shades because PEACH is ‘MY COLOUR’  but considering otherwise,it is a great shade.

diamond rose- left:single swipe,right: 2-3 swipes


DIAMOND ROSE:Now my favourite shade and along with it ‘pink crystals’.(WOW!!!). It is a peach shade actually but the pink crystals transform it into a peachy pink shade(a lil 3D effect).I totally adorn this shade and it can be used to create subtle looks by wearing a single swipe or can be intensified to get a lil bolder shade.

L:diamond rose, R:rare bling

They are absolutely hits if you want to try something other than golden or silver glitters(‘crystals’),are nourishing,have Vitamin -E,the crystals dont settle in the lip lines,arent sticky and blended into the shade properly!!My only small problem is there fragrance that is somewhat fruity but i really dont like it although it vanishes within seconds of application.

Altogether i am loving the ‘pink crystals’ and planning to grab more when on discount.

Have you come across the pink crystal lipsticks?

Did you like the post…pls comment…


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