INCOLOR Cosmetics lipstick swatches

Hi all,

Today,i am going to share my incolor cosmetics lipstick  with you all.I have heard a lot about the brand but coudnt find any proper information about it.They provide for some good quality cosmetics at affordable prices and in variety of shades.

These lipsticks are encased in a long cylindrical tube that quite resembles the packaging of L’Oreal lipsticks and the color of the tube resembles Deborah lipsticks.They have numbers instead of names and i totally dislike this thing(everyone needs identity!!!).

Price:rs.375 each.

And i got 2 for rs.375 as they had an offer going on. isn’t that a deal!!

they look pretty..hun?

There is no information provided about the product,its weight,ingredients on net.Also,the lipsticks were  plastic sealesd without any carton.

top to bottom:4,20,6,1

l-r:shade no.:6,1,20,4

All the shades have fine shimmer particles in it although they arent so much visible in the pics.

About the shades:

Shade no.6:This is a little on the frostier side.I personally dont like frosty finish lipstick but this one has a finish between frost and creamy and the shade is totally my likey so i had to take it.It is more on a pechier side and tad bit lighter than shade no.1 and again with golden glitter

.Shade no.1:I would describe this as a rose pink shade with golden glitter particles,creamy formula but the only disadvantage is that the glitter particles scatter here and there.

Shade no.20: A beige-y golden shade,very moisturising and provides a glossy feel to lips,has very less glitter in it as compared to others but the color doesnt suit me!!

Shade no.4: A mauvish pink color with silver golden glitters,nice for everyday wear but the glitter particles can be a little OTT.

Also,the lipsticks have coconur fragrance in them!!

l-r: 6,1,20,4

Have you tried INCOLOR Cosmetics products?

Which one would you pick up out of the four,pls comment…!!!


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